Rewarding your staff over Christmas

It may seem early, but the countdown to Christmas is well and truly on. Although it can be the busiest time of year for businesses, let’s not forget that this time should be about goodwill and festive cheer. The end of the calendar year is always a significant milestone. Offering the chance to reflect on the last 12 months, there really isn’t a better time than Christmas to reward and recognise your employees’ dedication and loyalty.

According to research by Instantprint, the majority (94%) of employees want to receive a gift from their employers at Christmas in order to feel valued, appreciated and happy . So, if you can select thoughtful, personalised and unique gifts for your staff this Christmas, you’re on to a winner.


Why you should reward your staff at Christmas

1. Improves motivation

A third of employees (33%) stated that they find it hard to keep motivated in the months leading up to Christmas . Although it’s okay to wind down for the holidays, we don’t want employees to completely lose their spark. So why not use the festivities to keep those mood levels high? After all, feeling genuinely appreciated in the workplace will help staff feel more motivated, which will in turn increases productivity levels.

2. Encourages loyalty

Perks play a huge role in keeping employees happy. According to the findings of a 10-year motivation study, in which more than 200,000 employees and managers were interviewed, managers that were effective at ‘recognising’ their employees, had lower turnover rates . And with the cost of recruitment and retention increasing annually, it only makes sense to invest in retaining your best talent .

3. Creates a positive company culture

Rewarding staff builds an extraordinary culture of recognition and appreciation, helping to inspire workers to achieve their very best. All in all, staff are more likely to want to work hard in an environment that supports, respects and values their efforts.

Corporate Christmas gift ideas and the Red Letter Days difference

Struggling to decide what to reward employees with? When choosing a reward for staff, it’s important to ensure it’s meaningful. Gone are the days of gifting employees a standard bottle of wine. Cash can be a popular way to go, but it can miss the mark if it’s given straight through payroll. Instead, gift staff something they can live. Experiences, rather than gift-wrapped items, are a growing trend in terms of Christmas rewards . And an experience will create a buzz around the office – providing your employees with experiences they can’t wait to shout about. What’s more, our experiences can be shared, allowing employees the opportunity to get friends and family members involved in the fun. On top of that, an experience they can use in the new year is a great motivator for staff to continue all their hard work in the following months.

Experiences we can offer your staff at Christmas

As the original experience provider, we’ve got it covered when it comes to Christmas gifts for the workforce. With over 5,000 experiences to choose from, there’s something that everyone can get excited about. Think 5-star city breaks, Michelin-star dining, spa days, adventure thrills and driving – to name a few! With our collection of gift boxes, filled with thousands of incredible gift ideas inside, the risk of ‘unwanted’ or ‘wasted’ rewards is significantly reduced as your staff has the widest range of experiences to choose from.

Not sure where to begin? We’ve sorted out all the nitty gritty for you. From order processing, order fulfilment and customer support, we will manage everything for you, providing customised packaging, insert sheets and even a dedicated account manager to look after your order.

So as you hit the Christmas season, why not take a look at how you can open up a world of possibilities and make this year one to remember?


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