What is the Experiences Economy?

So what precisely is the experience economy? 'An organization deliberately utilizes benefits as the stage, and products as props, to connect with individual clients in a way that makes an essential occasion." Says Harvard Business Review.

Experiences can generate longer-lasting positive feelings

Experiences can generate longer-lasting positive feelings

Continued growth in digital platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat, now gaining higher levels of engagement amongst, as fueled the desire for the masses to spend equally if not more on good experiences.

New figures demonstrate we are proceeding to spend less cash on purchasing things, and more on doing things.* A progression of studies is uncovering exceptional bits of knowledge in our ways of managing money. Authored the "experience economy", which gives it the feeling of a grand theory. It is upheld by basis and science, yet extremely basic: regardless of austerity, political uncertainty and inflation, we are spending more on doing stuff, choosing instead to cut back on buying stuff.

Should businesses then focus on rewarding their customers and employees with experiences? Might that be better received with the end recipient and be more appreciated? Well, what we do know is that human beings are geared to sharing and experiencing new experiences as long as they’re within the remit of their likes, to add a more memorable moment to their week, month or year.

In our case our business is about creating special moments, memories and days out that live with people forever. With over 500,000 experiences sold a year, we deliver happy memories to thousands! But to us Buyagift is about more than just delivering happiness, it's about the amazing Buyagift family we have built in our offices, and the close bonds we all have with our colleagues.